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Do you want to go on a river or lake cruise in New Zealand?

Do you want a tour of various cities, towns, and mountains?

New Zealand has about 70 major river systems – 40 on the south island and 30 on the north island – and is home to many species (about 40) of aquatic animals, including Lamprey, smelts, eels, southern graylings, torrent fish, bullies, and lots more. Can you imagine how intriguing the sight of these amazing creatures will be? You do not necessarily need to travel across the ocean to discover species of animals that are unknown to you to have an adventure. The river is home to so many fascinating animals and by embarking on a river or lake cruise, you will have an experience of a lifetime.

River or Lake Cruise

is worth the money and time

A river or lake cruise is one of the hottest bucket list vacations at the moment and for many good reasons. A river cruise involves a smaller ship that sails on a river and not extremely large water bodies like the ocean. Traditionally they have embarked on voyages on the inland waterways (rivers) of Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. They often stop at various river ports – most times, the region’s most historical and oldest towns.c

These cruise ships are often very small and they vary in size from canal barges to European river cruisers that can accommodate 100 to 200 people. We all like the idea of going to new places every time, especially when we do not have to go through the hassles of packing, checking into a motel or a hotel, and unpacking. When you embark on a river cruise, you become fascinated by the maps and history of the region. You also get to experience the sight of legendary rivers that connects people and their cultures.

You also explore historic sections of a town or city. It does not stop there. If your kind of fun involves cultural activities and tours, or you love new people, then a boat cruise is perfect for you. There are other fun activities that leave you with a long-lasting experience to savor. Do you need more reasons to go on river cruise?Visit our site for more helpful information

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Do you wish to know the best river cruises in New Zealand? Are you eager to learn so much about how to achieve what you desire? Do you want to enjoy the pristine beaches, amazing mountain landscape, sparkling harbors, and lots more? Then, you have nothing to worry about as you have come to the right place. When you visit us here at justcruising.co.nz, we enlighten you on how fun it is to embark on a river cruise and why it is worth the effort.

River and Lake Cruises in New Zealand


River (or boat) or Lake cruising is an important part of New Zealand experience both for the locals and tourists.You will be intrigued by the sights of beautiful islands, beaches, and gulfs that are all waiting to be explored. New Zealand is blessed with an abundance of lakes, rivers, and glaciers that are provided bywonderful mountain landscapes.

Cruising Grounds

There are four main cruising grounds in New Zealand. These include the Bay of Islands, Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf, Marlborough Sound, and Fiordland. The first two are located on the North Island, while the last two can be found on the South Island.These are not the only things you need to know, we havearticles that can provide you more reliable information on our website.

Tour in other parts

Of the world

River cruises are getting so popular in Europe and have expanded to Asia, North, South America, and now New Zealand. The biggest historical itineraries in Europe are the Danube River (which is quite popular to cruise on), Rhine, Elbe, Rhone, and Saone. The last four are popular in Norway. In France, the Canal du Midi can accommodate trim barges that are similar to houseboats in size. You can explore the historic canal that connects the Atlantic with the Mediterranean.

In Portugal, the Douro Wine valley is old and historic. It consists of the famous itinerary that runs from Lisbon to Porto down the Douro River which is widely known for its wineries. In the United States, Ohio and Mississippi host some popular cruise lines.

In Asia, River cruising has become popular. People often cruise on the fabled Mekong River located in Southeast Asia. There are old cities like Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Phenom Penh, and Siem Reap –that is located in Cambodia. You can also get wonderful sights at the Mekong Delta Market and the amazing Angkor Wat temple city. There are more than 60 river cruise line operators that ply the Yangtze river in China. In India, willing cruise passengers can see the Ganges which is a Hindu pilgrimage place in India.

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